Car Theft Only Represent the 15% of Costs for Insurance Companies

Crime levels have increased worldwide and South Africa has followed the rule, however, notably, the number of car-related crimes has not increased as much. Post-pandemic economy is not in its best shape after hard lockdowns were implemented, after necessary measures were adopted by governments, and after the considerable social changes related to the nature of work that have taken place. The configuration of societies has changed a little bit more, and criminals around the world are keeping up with these changes.

A great number of people lost their jobs during the pandemic, and others had to face modifications in the way their activities used to be like. Many households had to adjust a number of aspects in relation to how they used to live in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, this also brought upon consequences in the criminal sphere. So, not only has the number of robberies increased because of the loss of jobs, but criminals have also adapted to technological advances, which they use to steal in more sophisticated ways than before. In contrast to this panorama, one outcome has come as a surprise, the number of car-related crimes is not as big. Though, now in small numbers, there are many contemporary types of car robberies, but the impact on insurance providers is not significant. Hence, should individuals forget about this threat to their property, or should they take preventive measures to safeguard their possessions either way?

It is important to think about this situation seriously and contemplate that, although crime numbers are higher now, car theft numbers have not increased at the same pace, and they only represent a small percentage of the cost insurance companies incur into when covering premium users’ needs. Moreover, in South Africa the number appears to be even lower in relation to the number of occurence of this type of crime all over the world. This has had a direct impact on car insurers in the country like, since as it could be stated by the top 10 insurance companies, the value of your car, for example, becomes important when it gets stolen and that has become a not so frequent event nowadays. Mostly, in contrast, car insurers have to deal with costs related to repairing vehicles, replacing important motor parts or dealing with minor car crashes. Will this change the way in which these companies work?

Statistics aside, there is one inquiry that remains essential: we can always be part of that 15% which represents the numbers of vehicles that do get stolen. When choosing the place where we park our car, drive by or even at the moment when we leave the vehicle outside our house, it is paramount to feel secure, to feel that if anything should happen a comprehensive insurance premium will have our backs. It is said that knowledge is power, thus, getting to know the ways in which your car may be in danger can also be of use to stay alert. The following kinds of robberies can be mentioned: relay theft, transponder key cloning, GPS jamming, among others. There are many simple, common sense steps which can be taken into account, and that, in conjunction with a comprehensive insurance premium which accommodates the car owner’s needs, allows individuals to feel free of harm in the streets.

All in all, awareness that vehicles are safer in South Africa allows individuals to feel secure, but we can always be part of the small percentage of people who suffer car theft. Altogether, if our income allows it, it is always for the better to own a car insurance and be ready to face the possibilities of becoming a victim.