Canon Pixma TS702 review

Canon pixma ts702 is an exceptional photo printer designed for a small home office or family use and what is important its price does not bite. Let’s look at its features to understand that this is a very good value for money.

Significant improvements

Compared to older Canon models, this printer has a number of improvements and different features. First of all, ts702 canon is much lighter and smaller than, for example, TS700 series. 

Ts702 canon has a 5-individual system of inks where colors have been improved for better saturation and more vivid colors. There are two black ones: the big black is pigment responsible for producing sharp monochrome documents; the small black is mixed with other photo colors when printing high-quality images.

This system is beneficial due to the fact that you replace only 1 ink which has run out but not the whole system. Plus there are many options to find compatible canon ts702 ink, one of the most simple is online on a reliable Smart Ink website.

There are 2 sheet feeders: one in front and one from the back. Together they allow the canon ts702 printer to hold up to 350 pages.

Speed and connection

Ts702 canon has a fairly good speed for printing (more details). Let’s have a look:

  • It prints up to 15 monochrome and up to 10 color sheets per minute.
  • One 4×6 photo is done in approximately 20 seconds.
  • Even though scanning and copying documents is not the major feature of the canon ts702 printer, it handles. Speed is not defined, it depends on the difficulty of the document.

There are different connectivity options: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth. Canon pixma ts702 also supports printing from digital cameras, apps such as AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, connecting to Canon cloud services. 

It is worth mentioning, that ts702 canon can be governed through smart assistants e.g. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.