Boiler Repair Insurance Plan – Choosing The Best Cover

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Boiler breakdowns are one of the most least expected yet they happen often. For homeowners, it can happen while you want to get a shower before work or preparing the kids for school and for landlords, it could come as a call at night from an unhappy tenant who has suddenly lost heating. It can be quite costly and stressful arranging boiler repair, but you can take simple steps to ensure you don’t have to deal with bad boiler problems again. With a boiler repair insurance plan, you can have your mind at ease and ensure you never have to face emergency call outs again.

What is a Boiler Repair Insurance Plan?

A boiler repair insurance plan or boiler cover plan like those offered by Prominence Support is a type of plan you can take out to cover any emergency repairs that are necessary for your boiler in the future. Just by paying a small fee every other month or year, you can get a policy that covers the cost of hiring a qualified engineer to repair your boiler should anything fault develop.

As you search for the best boiler repair insurance plan, you will find that there are two basic types, which include cover for the boiler and controls only and a cover for the whole heating system. Since you’ll pay less for cover plans than unexpected and expensive repairs if something breaks in your home, you can save more money and time in the future by choosing a plan that completely covers the cost of your household appliances.

What Should You Look For in a Boiler Repair Insurance Plan?

Just because you get your power from a particular energy supplier does not mean that company is who you must take out boiler cover with. Just like you would do with car and home insurance, you need to take some time to shop around for a plan that works best for you.

When you take a basic boiler cover plan, you can expect that repairs to your boilers and controls are included as well. However, you should include in your plans for boiler repairs parts, labour, and unlimited repairs, so you don’t have to pay more charges should your boiler develop more problems or if repairs are taking longer than anticipated.

Furthermore, a good boiler insurance plan will offer an annual boiler inspection, to ensure your boiler is operating safely and efficiently in your home. Your engineer will ensure that it is running according to the instructions of the manufacturer, and that it is receiving sufficient air and that your boiler is compliant with safety checks.

When choosing the best boiler insurance cover, you should ensure you are always looking out for a company that has been highly rated by previous customers. There can be hidden charges or claim limits on some cover plans, so ensure you choose a company that is not only reliable but trustworthy. For more info on boiler cover, click here.

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible For a Boiler Repair Insurance Plan?

To start with, you are eligible for a boiler insurance plan if you own a home and boiler repair isn’t included in your home insurance as part of a standard feature.

What you need to do before getting started with your boiler repair insurance plan is to check the boiler age and model. Many cover plans require that the boiler is below a certain age. It might be harder to get insurance if you have a boiler that is over fifteen years old or more, and there might be need for an inspection first for boilers that are seven years or older.

There’s no need to purchase boiler insurance plan if you are renting, as it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure your boiler is up and running properly. However, that is not to say you cannot bring the boiler insurance plan up in discussion with your landlord. It will serve you both well if a plan is in place.