Besides Pokemon Go, What Else Can We Play in 2020?

As humans, we are generally fed up with experiencing the same things one or the other day. Whether your interest in the game is also loosing up while playing your favorite Pokemon Go with time? If yes, you should better take an interval from it and try some other AR-based games. Many of you might have thought before, besides Pokemon Go, what else we can play.

1) Ingress
2) Harry Potter: Wizard Unite
3) Minecraft Earth
How Can You Play These Games at Home?

The release of the Pokemon Go smartphone game in 2016 developed by Niantic had gained much popularity like a storm. It has made one feel almost like living the world of Pokemon that we generally see in its famous animation. The success of this game lies behind the collaboration between The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic.

In this game, a player needs to use the GPS location of the mobile device. It helps one explore, find, battle, capture, and train Pokemon in real-world areas. These are the places where the creatures appeared virtually in the smartphone.

It is a free-to-play game available to be downloaded both on Andriod and iOS platforms. The game was launched with having about 150 varieties of Pokemon, and now the number is around 600.

Till now, the Pokemon Go game has been nominated and awarded by many renowned titles. Every good thing also has associated effects! You might have heard many criticism and accidents happened with its players in the past.

During the past few months, due to the pandemic, it is really tough for a player to enjoy playing Pokemon Go outdoors. However, many users use some smarter methods to manage well to play by sitting from their homes. By considering the current situations, the developers have also made the game pretty easy to play indoors.

3 Best Alternatives of Pokemon Go

Following is a list of the three augmented reality mobile games that can surpass the popularity of Pokemon. Many of you will be sure about going to forget about playing Pokemon anymore;

1) Ingress

It is a game developed with the fun elements of both ‘capture the flag’ and ‘geocaching’ games. Before Pokemon Go come, Niantic has developed and published the mobile play based on AR or Augmented Reality known as Ingress Prime. It was released in 2014 for iOS and in 2013 for Andriod.

The game is free-to-play that includes in-app purchases and freemium business models to allow a free-to-play platform for its users. The game works so that it takes the help of GPS present in the mobile device to find out and communicate with “portals” that are present nearby. They are based on the real-world location of the player.

Here portals denote public art like historic buildings, outdoor murals, and unique architecture. The list also includes monuments, status, local community hubs, and more signs of human craft. There is a science fiction backstory based on each element or portals of the game in the game. Players also experience continuous open narrative offered via different kinds of media.

2) Harry Potter: Wizard Unite

It is a 2019 release letting its users explore many locations of the game. It is another augmented-reality smartphone game available to be downloaded for both Android and iOS gadgets.

The game can give you fun to live the life of Harry Potter and enjoy a Pokemon-Go like Gameplay. WB Games San Franciso and Niantic develop it. The players need to face the battle with dark forces. Once can restore the chaotic magic vigorously spreading all over the Wizards and Muggle world.

So whatever do we have seen in the unique magical wizarding world of Harry Potter in his movies and books are adapted in this game. To make it more exciting, makers have added Fantastic Beast’s characters with those of the Harry Potter franchise.

It is a highly interactive game based on the premise of Harry Potter. The fellow witches and wizards being pitted many facing forces like dark beasts. You can find magical items scattered everywhere all over the Muggle due to a so-called ‘Calamity’ in the gameplay.

The player needs to save some of the book’s characters. So like Pokemon Go, you need to explore the Muggle by walking everywhere in your real-world surrounding with the help of your phone.

3) Minecraft Earth

It is based on the Augmented Reality version of the popular Minecraft game mixed with a Gameplay fun like Pokemon Go. So it can let you explore, create, and survive in the scenario of the real world.

The game was available for the first time in 2019 in early access with the development team of Mojang Studios. You will team up with the explorer’s and builder’s community to span the planet. You can also arrange the builds’ resources, design in augmented reality to place them as planned life-size.

The free-to-play game can also give you a chance to enjoy mini-adventures with others. A player can take the help of tabletop mode to polish the creativity. Builders can collaborate to unite and build amazing creations.

You can explore your nearby local area and analyze how it is evolving with time. A player can discover unique mobs such as moobloom and muddy pig. Those can be used further to populate the builds. Overall, if you like playing Pokemon Go and Minecraft Games, you will love this.

How Can You Play These Games Comfortably?

Coronavirus-19 has disrupted our life. Curfews and stay-at-home regulations restrict our movement. Under this circumstance, how can we play these games at home? May some location spoofing apps can help us.

Step 1: Download Goooch

You can visit the website to get the app. Then, click ‘GET THIS APP’ button to download this app in your PC. Now it’s time to connect the iPhone to your PC.

Step 2: Change the GPS location

Now you can spoof the GPS of Pokemon Go iOS and other games by tapping ‘Virtual Location’ at the home screen of Goooch. Another window will pump up.

Step 3: Choose the spoofing GPS

Tap ‘Get started’ button, it will allow you to choose a virtual location on the map view of Goooch app. Don’t forget to select the ‘Teleport’ mode. You can find it at right side of the top.

Step 4: View the fake location

Congratulation! There is only one step left to set a fake location successfully. The current indicator should show location address you want to be precisely. If you find anything wrong with the new location, try to set it again.

Step 5: Fake GPS location on the iPhone map

Now, when you tap the Map app on your iPhone, you can see the new virtual address as a current location.

Since you have located yourself in a totally new place, take your Pokemon Go or any other games to explore this brand new world.


Gaming is fun if you will find newer Possibilities, Challenges, and Concepts. After all, no one would like to eat the same food every day. Do you think Pokemon Go is the one and the only game to enjoy location-based gaming? If yes, you need to be familiar with the fact that there are many other options available. Minecraft Earth, Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, and Ingress.

These games are equally fun to play and already gaining much attention from worldwide gamers. The best part of such gaming titles is that they are based on a different story. Hence, playing them always delivers a feeling of freshness or mind booster for your mental upkeep and will never make you feel bored down!