Before You Buy: What to Know Before Getting a New Mattress

As humans, we are exposed to stressful and exhausting work every day, and our body is not made of steel to conquer all these. Our body needs to rest and recharge to go all along. Therefore, a mattress is vital to everyone’s comfort. Having a good condition and quality mattress will never fail your exhausted body. 

When purchasing a mattress, it’s best we know what we’re getting it for. Do we need a new one? Is my old mattress broken? Will it give me a good sleeping experience? Since a mattress is a big purchase, you need to know a lot about it before buying it. With that said, here’s a few bits of info to help you pick out your mattress. 

Visit a Mattress Page

Before anything else, inquiring about a product you hope to buy is a wise decision. Every mattress brand has its own social media account to cater to the customer’s queries and curiosity. Click Here if you are curious about the different types of mattresses; it sorts all the information you want to know about a mattress’s features and characteristics. 

If you visit a product’s webpage, you can see the ratings, reviews, and recommendations of the different customers who get to experience the product’s quality. Visiting the different pages of a mattress brand can give you valid information to evaluate the brands’ quality, prices, and promos with their product. 

Know the Mattress Material

Mattresses are built with different materials. Each material is designed for a different purpose that adheres to every sleeper’s needs. Knowing the difference of each material will help you have an easy selection of products along the way. 

  • Memory Foam- it contours the body shape that relieves pressure points with a huggable sensation. It has less airflow that traps heat with no bounce, and noise prevents you from waking up when your partner is tossing around, perfect for couples.
  • Innerspring– it is made up of coils material that interlock with each other layered with comfort foam. It has a breathable characteristic due to open airflow from the coil but may have noise and lack of pressure relief due to coil material. 
  • Airbed– it has a customized feature that allows you to adjust the support and comfort of the mattress through the air pump. It has two chambers, an air chamber, and a memory or latex foam. It provides a zoned comfort to every sleeper.
  • Rollaway– it is a foldable bed that has a thin foam suited for a temporary sleeping setup. It has lightweight frames and wheels that can be stored easily but may have less durability with support and comfort than a standard mattress. 

Know the Mattress Function

Every sleeper has the desired mattress according to its sleeping position, sleeping behavior, and body type. Determining all your body characteristics will lead to good mattress choices. Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid Mattress is perfect for hot sleepers. 

It has a breathable and less toxic foam, perfect for sensitive sleepers. Zoma mattress is suitable for the athletic individual. Its feature is designed with durable body support and relieving high-pressure areas such as the shoulder.  

Saatva Classic Mattress is perfect for plus size, those with back pains and likes a bouncy mattress. The top is covered with antimicrobial treatment to prevent any microbial activity. Layla Mattress is recommended for couples with different body types, hot sleepers, and combo sleepers. It has a flippable feature with a soft and firm side convenient for back and side sleepers. 

Consider your Mattress Budget

Mattresses come from different price categories depending on their brands, features, and quality. When purchasing, your budget should be capable of the type of mattress you need. Some mattresses can offer you comfort and support at a budget-friendly rate; this may include Vaya Mattress and Tuft & Needle Original. 

If you want an average mattress price that offers way more quality standards, you may consider Zoma, Amerisleep AS3, Avocado, and Nolah Mattress. If your budget falls under luxury mattresses, you may choose Amerisleep Organica, Purple 4 Hybrid Premier, and Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid mattresses. These mattresses tend to have a thicker layer and added special features. 

A mattress is a Long Investment

You spend most of your time on beds, and ensuring a comfortable and durable mattress that will last for at least 8-10 years is vital. Beds are an expensive investment, and you cannot just expect a mattress that will only last for weeks, months, or next year. You should think further down the line to get the most out of your investment. 


Purchasing can be tricky and a hassle when you’re out of knowledge of the products you want to purchase. Never let yourself go out purchasing unfamiliar mattresses; it is your responsibility to know the product’s information and the benefits that it can provide to your needs. The information above will give you the highlight of information you needed with your mattress purchase.