Acrylic vs. Metal Prints – Which Print is Right for You?

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Acrylic and metal prints are two popular printing choices. If you are confused about which one is right for your photographs, here is a detailed comparison between them both. Go through these points to understand what makes them different from each other…

Acrylic Prints vs Metal Prints

Two common methods are used to make acrylic prints. One is the traditional method, in which inkjet or LightJet printers are used to print an image to a piece of photo paper. After that, it is face-mounted to the acrylic surface, which produces high-definition results.

The other method does not create as good results as the traditional method produces. In this method, an image is directly printed on the acrylic medium. As the image is printed directly, detail is lost due to the low dynamic range of the printing process.

Like acrylic printing, there are two methods of metal printing. The first method is about printing the image directly to the metal surface. It gives the image a very artistic look. However, prints made using this method are not as durable, and they can be scratched easily.

The other method of making metal prints infuses ink into the metal surface with the help of pressure and heat. The image is first printed on a piece of transfer paper. It is then laid flat on the metal sheet and pressed. Ink changes into the gas and gets absorbed on the surface of the metal. As a result, a waterproof print that is resistant to scratches is produced.

Print Quality

Acrylic Print

Acrylic prints have sharp details and high quality. The image may look a bit washed out, because you see the image through a layer of acrylic.

Metal Print

Metal prints have a softer look compared to acrylic prints, which can be very helpful in softening the pixelated areas of the image. The black shades of metal prints are very deep, which makes them suitable for black and white images.


Acrylic Print

Acrylic prints use plastic-like material. They can get scratched easily. Some printing labs create scratch-resistant prints, but such prints are very costly. Acrylic prints are also unsuitable for humid places like the bathroom. Humidity can lead to discolouration.

Metal Print

Metal prints are more durable compared to acrylic prints. They are resistant to scratches, and can be displayed anywhere, even in the bathroom, because they are not affected by high humidity and maintain their colour no matter what. They are also waterproof


Acrylic Print

Acrylic prints are more costly compared to metal prints. Most of the printing labs charge three times more for acrylic prints.

Metal Print

Metal prints are affordable and less costly compared to acrylic prints. If you want a print that is economical, yet looks very artistic and durable, then a metal print is the answer.

Which Print is Right for You?

Both acrylic and metal prints have their own qualities. If you are looking for a print that is affordable yet produces high-definition results, then metal prints are the right choice for you. They are also resistant to water, scratch, and discolouration compared to acrylic prints. We would recommend you check out for high quality metal prints.