6 Steps to Follow When Buying Glasses Online

reading glasses

Buying glasses online can be a hard task, more so if it is your first time. But it can be straightforward if you know the ABCs of buying glasses online. Buying online will save you time and money, and you can order any time anywhere. Also, when shopping online, you will have various options regarding colors, frames, and design of your ideal glasses. By buying glasses online, you can increase your chances of getting discounts, as the competition is stiff. If you aren’t sure where to start, below are six simple steps to follow…

1. Get Your Prescription 

Before shopping for sunglasses online, you need to get a prescription from your optician. Once you have your prescription and Pupillary Distance (more info), you are ready to start shopping for your eyewear online. 

2. Choose an Online Retailer

After getting your prescription, the next step is to choose an online retailer. The market has many retailers, so do your research on each and narrow them down to a short list. First, check the retailer’s reputation, aswell as the variety of products they offer, the ability to customize your glasses. It is also crucial to look at delivery options, and prices. You should consider referrals from friends before making a decision. We would recommend a site like GlassesShop.com.

3. Choose the Right Frame Size

First, consider your face shape. Do you have a diamond, round, oval, or heart face shape? Your face shape is essential when choosing the frame. Secondly, do you have a favorite frame? There are different frame shapes, including rimless, cat eyes, horn-rims, and much more. How about the color and material? As you customize your frame, consider the size as well. If you currently have comfortable glasses, consider using the same frame measurements.

4. Choose Your Lenses

After choosing the perfect frames, enter your glasses prescription and PD. Most sites have filters to help you customize your lens as well. You can choose between different color shades, anti-scratch coating, photochromic effect (see Wikipedia for what this is), and blue light features. These customization options ensure you get glasses that meet your prescription and your fashion requirements. 

5. Checking the Shipping and Return Policy

It is important to understand the shipping and return policy. Go through the site and find out the waiting time before you can get your glasses. If you are comfortable with the delivery time, check the return policy. The return policy is vital if you get the wrong delivery, or the glasses need improvements,. Check if there are postage fees and also the process of returning them – when should you and should not return your glasses? 

6. Place Your Order

Once you have entered your prescription, customized your frame and lenses, it is time to place your order. But before you hit the complete order button, countercheck the information to be sure there are no mistakes. If everything looks okay, hit the complete order button and wait for delivery. If you have entered the right information and are using a credible website, you will have perfect fitting glasses that meet your needs delivered within the stipulated timelines in no time at all.