5 Ways to Make Your Travel Trailer Eco-Friendly  

Img Source - Living Vehicle

We all love to travel and spend quality time exploring new destinations. The best part, your journey becomes much more comfortable if you have a travel trailer. You have every necessity, including beds, a kitchen, a bathroom, and TV screens. All these commodities make your traveling experience much more splendid. 

However, you might harm your surrounding while exploring the world in your RV. These travel trailers can provide you with comfort but lead to more pollution. Throughout your journey, you leave a trail of poisonous fumes that wreak destruction on the atmosphere. Furthermore, you waste water and other valuable resources. 

All these factors might make you think your RV is not eco-friendly, but there are ways to change the situation. You can minimize your RV’s carbon footprint by using the following methods. Once you have an eco-friendly ride, you can enjoy your time without worrying about the environment. 

Choose a Smaller RV 

The smaller the RV, the lesser the fuel it burns. Compact rides are always a better option. Not only are they lighter, but they are also eco-friendly. Furthermore, smaller RV’s consume lower power because there’s lesser space to cool or heat. 

A trailer like the 2511S Mini Lite by Rockwood (see here https://www.wanarv.com/rv/rockwood-mini-lite-travel-trailers/2509S/)  is compact but offers all the necessary facilities. Even the interior is nicely built, and it’s the perfect choice for every family. When you opt for such trailers, your power and fuel consumption are lower, and it becomes an eco-friendly option. 

On the other hand, larger RVs might look more accommodating but are an added burden. You have to pull more unnecessary weight. When you can manage everything on a smaller RV, why opt for a bigger ride? Instead of increasing the vehicle size, upgrade the features of a smaller RV.

From full-time campers to families who rarely go out for long trips, a smaller RV is suitable for everyone’s needs. 

Opt for Solar Power 

Nowadays, most people prefer renewable energy resources to non-renewable options. When it comes to your RV, there are ways to travel around the world without harming your atmosphere. One of them is using solar energy to power your ride. 

Installing solar panels to your RV and using its energy to power the entire system is a great option. Since you will be traveling all day long, the solar panels on your RV’s roof will receive the necessary sunlight to charge the batteries. These batteries will power every electrical appliance in your RV, including the fridge, lights, and charging ports.

Some of you might fear that solar panels will add to the overall weight, but that is a misconception. Solar panels are lighter and more portable. You won’t even feel their presence. If you use a generator, it makes an excessive sound, is difficult to carry, and pollutes the environment. 

Avoid Disposable Goods 

You might think using disposable items will save your energy and time, but it harms the environment. Plastic cups and paper plates are single-use items that add to pollution. If you wish to act responsibly towards mother earth, start by switching to a healthier alternative. 

Invest in real crockery that can be washed and reused. That way, you won’t contribute to adding to the plastic on Earth. We all know that plastic takes a very long time to decompose and is terrible for our surroundings. So, make your journey more eco-friendly by utilizing steel or glass dishes, forks, and cups. 

Moreover, don’t throw around used plastic items on the road. Keep a dustbin in your RV where you can collect all the garbage. Avoiding littering on roads is the very first step to saving the planet. 

Install Water Conserving Faucets  

You might want to upgrade your RV’s interiors and make it as modern as possible. New faucets, bright wallpapers, and modern systems add to the price of the vehicle, but if you want to make it eco-friendly, you should stick to options like low-flow faucets.

Nothing is more effective than low-flow faucets for saving water, says BobVila. These fixtures allow you to use less water, and you won’t notice the difference. So, you get the necessary amount of water and waste none. 

We all know that water is a valuable resource and needs to be saved. Your trailer can save tons of water by installing a single water-conserving faucet. 

Make Energy Efficiency a Priority 

In addition to adding solar panels, you can make your ride more energy efficient by adding LED lights, using energy-efficient appliances, and investing in better insulation options. Average light bulbs consume more power. So it’s better to switch to more affordable LED lights. 

Similarly, opt for refrigerators, microwaves, and electrical appliances, which consume lesser electricity. The lower the power consumption, the more eco-friendly your ride becomes. So swap out the maximum number of items that absorb higher current. 

Most importantly, upgrade the insulation in your trailer. If you plan to travel in extreme temperature conditions, investing in insulation is an ideal option. Having better insulation in your RV also reduces the need to turn on heating systems for a longer time.