5 Tips to Help Your Tech Last Longer

a woman using a smartphone and laptop

For many people in this pandemic-induced crisis being without work, we haven’t got a choice but to treat our technologies a little bit differently. We have to take care of our technology so it will last longer.

When we spend some time caring for our precious devices so they will last forever. We ‘d even do a favor to our world too. By strengthening the life of our tech, we are actually better using our materials, resources, and human labor endowed in manufacturing the products.

We don’t have to make it all alone, either. There probably are many people ready to help out. Despite all retail stores closing down in this pandemic (Apple and Microsoft), are unable to support our tech, hiring a great local fixer is now the greatest idea ever. This takes only 10 minutes of research.

So, here are the most effective parts you can take to shove out your tablets, phones, and computers as much life as you can without breaking the bank.

Watch Your Battery Life

Start by thinking about the batteries on your laptop as if they were some car tires and remove them consequently. Since batteries can really be charged on mobile devices and laptops just a limited amount of times until they deteriorate, they would be one of the first things to end.

Make a Deep Clean

Tech needs cleaning periodically. Clogging our tech with debris and dirt will lead to dangerous overheating which shortens the life of your electronics.

So Mr. Wiens recommended us this regular routine of fast cleaning:

         Check the inside ports, for handheld devices. The inside of the charging ports, food, and dust crumbs are easily trapped inside, that causes your phone to charge slowly. For a very closer look shine with a flashlight into your ports. To clear any debris using just a sewing needle or a canned aerosol.

         Blow your fans out once a year, for Laptops and PCs. Opening up your laptop or desktop computer case will show its fans, according to ItStillWorks. Over some period, the fans will gather lots and lots of hair and dust and the dirtier your fans are, the hotter the system will be. To get rid of all the gunk, just take a very small vacuum cleaner, or maybe a can of aerosol.

Refresh Your Data

The more capacity of data you use to slower your tech gets. So set a reminder at least once a month to do a data cleaning process.

Apple provides for your iPhone Storage tools, which displays a full list of all the apps that use the most space, and also when they were actually last used; Google offers a similar tools on Android devices. You can use these tools to perfectly uninstall programs you aren’t using anymore.

Protect Your Gear

Many smartphones owners are aware of having cases to protect their mobile devices against falls. That’s very smart — a great case will protect your mobile phone from falling, scratching and it will absorb damage at your mobile device’s sides, corners, and back. Carrying a mobile device without a case is mostly like driving a vehicle without its bumpers, according to Porch.

Did you know that 1.5 billion phone cases are thrown away every year? That’s a lot of waste – and a lot of plastic, so consider using a plastic free environmentally case like one from reboxed.

Locate Someone Who Can Fix Problems

If you are always getting frustrated by all of the above, well there are plenty of tech specialists who can support you.

I clicked on my iPhone camera app last week and I noticed something unusual: The image was very shaky even though my own hand was still. I thought to myself that something had gone wrong with the device.

So I searched on Yelp for “iPhone Repair.” Yelp loaded a list in my area to get some quotes from multiple expert fixers. A dozen repair shops responded just within a day, and I was actually surprised at how supportive their reactions were. Some refer $80 or $100 and said it would take two or three hours to repair. Others said the repair would take up to three days and refer $140 or $180.