5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Exhibition Stand Builder

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When people start looking for exhibition stands, they realise that there are many exhibition stand builders in out there, making it difficult to choose a provider to create the exhibition stand that you require.

However, you can make a better decision if you know which qualities to look for in an exhibition stand builder. Here are the points that you must consider when choosing an exhibition stand builder…

Building an Exhibition Stand In-House

Some companies create a stand design and then sub-contract out to exhibition stand builders who then build the stand. Such stands are usually expensive compared to stands that only one firm designs and builds.

What’s more, it can also be hard to request last-minute changes to your exhibition stand. You may also not be able to control product quality. Due to these downsides, selecting an exhibition stand provider who designs and builds stands in-house is ideal. It will help you save both money and effort.

Consider Cost

Be extra alert when an exhibition stand builder offers a very low price compared to other competitors. Know that quality comes with a price. When someone offers you a low price, then either the quality of the product will be low, or extra payment or hidden payments will be charged in the future.

You may think that you will get a complete exhibition stand. But in reality, the amount you paid won’t get you very far. You may have to pay more to get your exhibition stand finished the way you want it to. Therefore, carefully analyse the average market price of the product you are interested in buying, then choose a product whose price falls within your budget.

Check All Services

An exhibition stand will represent your company and product, which is why it should be unique and truly represent your company as best it can. However, you will not be able to meet this goal of maintaining uniqueness if the exhibition stand provider does not produce a unique stand and instead recycles the old design by bringing a few changes to it according to the client’s needs.

A qualified exhibition stand builder should have the ability to design a variety of stands based on different products and markets. Each new stand should be unique and different compared to the previous stands.

Read Reviews of Past Customers

A professional exhibition stand builder helps their customers meet their goals. He assists them in making better decisions regarding stand design, and then creates a stand that truly meets his customer’s needs.

Make sure your selected exhibition stand builder also offers the best quality and services to his customers possible. For this, you can visit their website and read comments or reviews from past customers.

Check Membership

Check whether the company has received any accreditation/membership or not. Companies that have a membership of one or more trade bodies such as ESSA (Events Supplier and Services Association) are more authentic, genuine and offer better quality products. You can visit the selected company’s website and explore it to learn about their memberships or accreditation.

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