5 Tech Clues to Find If Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

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Marriage years will hone the instincts of a partner and we always know when things seem amusing. Computers, Smartphones, laptops, and smart devices ingest evidence of cheating like a parazoan. When doubts are aroused, there may be several hints regarding a possible dalliance in a digital lead. 

Partners can dig up a lot when looking for signs of a cheater by deceiving at who or what a person is looking up for on social media and the web. On Facebook, if you know the secret you will see every person that someone has looked up for. 

Let me be specific: The best you can do is have an obvious and truthful conversation about your love life with your partner. Couple counseling will work well, and the health insurance is likely to cover the virtual visits throughout this pandemic. Sometimes, it’s a great idea to work with an amazing attorney to ensure you don’t break any state or federal laws. 

1. Hidden Messages Contained in Audio and Video Archives 

Secretly embedding an image in a picture or audio file is easy to work. You think it’s a familiar landscape image or a song, but the trees and notes can conceal a steamy pose. 

Tools such as QuickStego or OurSecret make the point-and-click run for the casual cheater. Normally the snoop doesn’t suspect anything peculiar. The files are seemingly ordinary. To open the files you must learn a special code or keystroke. If your lover is unexpectedly involved in art or music, then this might be a hint. 

2. Unique Documents Online 

To cheaters, the riskiest practice is to submit pictures and videos. Such media can spice up things, but they are vivid proof of an affair. These documents can be used as proof in divorce proceedings – particularly if copies can be saved or downloaded by a deceived husband or wife. 

Cheaters are well known to build Microsoft 365 (https://www.office.com/) or Google documents files online which look guiltless until they are opened. For eg, the filename could be “Fourth Quarter Goals.” Upon opening the file, the very first page appears to be a corporate speaking. 

Scrolling down however reveals the real purpose of the file. That is, the tricky online document is a discreet way of exchanging information, videos, and images with another. 

3. Testing Cloud Services

Cheaters can also apply a specific cloud service to keep images and videos hidden. The Keepsafe Photo 2Vault, for example, is configured to both forbid anyone from accessing them and store certain media files. Sometimes it is used to prevent cybercrime. Many people use Keepsafe for personal or work purposes, but you might be on something if you find that your lover has a Keepsafe account and can’t see why. 

Two very similar services are Hide It Pro and Vault which have been developed to store and protect videos and photos with a PIN code. They do work in a similar manner to cloud servers like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox (official site), Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, and but their top focus is security. 

4. A Secret or Concealed Phone 

To protect their privacy many people turn their mobile phones away from others. Most of the people however don’t hide our phones from our lovers. This gesture is delicate but it can indicate exchanges with illegal text. Also, cheaters encrypt their mobile phones; they don’t reveal their password and they even change the password to keep the content of their mobile phones a secret thing. 

Push alerts are a nightmare for cheating partners because they will show conversation fragments – from emails, messages, and so on – that could inculpate all sides. It can be informative to find a strange notification or even to mention their sudden absence. 

5. Another Phone and a SIM Card 

Buying two different phones is one simple way to maintain two love lives apart. This way, the deceiver doesn’t get dazzled and accidentally email or message the incorrect person. The existence of this other mobile phone is also a big liability, even if it is delineated as a telephone called “emergency” or “work.” 

Another tactic is to buy a new SIM card that can be swapped from “jail-broken” phones. For most cheaters, this is a big effort and impractical, but if you find a different SIM card lying around you, you might be want to retrieve the data by putting it into a different cellphone.