4 Tasks to Consider Outsourcing to Freelancers

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Let’s face it. You can’t manage all aspects of your digital marketing campaign. Even with a full-time team, you can’t always expect thorough work. Juggling marketing with managing your business full-time is another challenge.

But you don’t need to bear the entire burden of different digital marketing tasks. Your stressed-out team won’t have to either. What your business needs is a marketing specialist who can expertly perform a wide variety of marketing tasks. How do you obtain such a thing?  You can outsource your digital marketing tasks to freelancers.

Why Outsource to Freelancers?

Outsourcing your digital marketing tasks simply involves hiring a consultant or a freelancer on a part-time basis. Since freelancers have worked with many companies, even multiple businesses at the same time, they know how to best manage their time and resources. Freelance digital marketers are experts in their fields which is most likely what your marketing team lacks.

Outsourcing saves businesses money because it costs less to hire a freelancer than a full-time worker.  Full-time workers require full benefits compensation, a costly point to consider. A freelancer or outsourced CMO is available anytime and can complete your marketing tasks faster and with utmost efficiency. Digital Authority Partners suggests considering a freelancer as your marketing partner who is ready to help you and your team with most digital marketing related tasks.

4 Tasks That You Can Outsource to Freelancers

Freelancers are experts in almost every aspect of marketing. From website creation to social media management, you’ll find a freelance expert to help you out. Here are four top tasks that you should consider outsourcing to freelancers.

Social Media Management

Social media is the heart of digital marketing. More and more people use social media not just to connect with their loved ones and friends, it’s their source of information, latest updates, and entertainment.

You can’t overlook social media as a part of your digital marketing campaigns. You need an expert social media marketer to help you reach your customers and your clients via top social media platforms.

You can hire a freelancer with a background in social media management. Your freelance worker will be your eyes and ears on social media sites and will perform the following tasks:

  • Manage your social media platforms making sure you are active and relevant on multiple social media platforms.
  • Connect with your followers or customers. Answer inquiries about your service or products.
  • Be your voice on social media. Announce your company goals, updates, promotions new products, etc.
  • Create social media content including posts, videos, photos, infographics, etc.
  • Update your social media information and make sure these are done on all platforms.

Customer Service

Your business hours may be over by 5 pm but your online customers are checking out your services and products 24/7. Because of this, you need a reliable customer service representative who will be available for your customers all day.

You can outsource your customer service arm to a freelancer or a freelance team. Freelance customer service agents are well-equipped with the skills, knowledge, and talent to manage your customer service work. Just make sure to get agents with a background in the industry you’re in.

Your outsource customer service agents can help you with the following:

  • Answer caller questions and inquiries.
  • Represent your brand, products, and services.
  • Offer special promos, discounts, deals, and upgrades.
  • Help customers update their records.
  • Help customers with their bills.
  • Process customer orders.
  • Promote customer loyalty, offer great deals for loyal customers.

Content Creation

You can hire a freelancer who is an expert in creating digital content. Businesses need good quality, updated, and insightful text to promote their brand, services, or products. With the best content, you can gain more customers and help people find you online.

Content writers can create posts for your blog. These are posts related to your products or your services with content that keeps your brand relatable.  Content writers can also create all kinds of text for your website. They can make original, high-quality product descriptions, service pages, landing pages, about us pages, and FAQs.

Content writers are familiar with the latest content creation tools, search engine optimization trends, and other programs online and offline. They are experts in boosting site traffic, ranking you higher in search engine results so your customers can easily find you.

Content creators can help you in so many ways!  Here are just a few:

  • Write unique, error-free content for your blog, website, product site, landing pages, etc.
  • Help you rank higher on search engine pages.
  • Create updated, high-quality content that will be valuable for your clients.
  • Help you promote your products or services.
  • Improve your brand image online.

Graphic Design Tasks

Graphic design tasks are also commonly outsourced to an expert freelancer. Graphic designers are all-around marketers.  They can design your online and traditional marketing campaigns.

An expert will help you design your website, create logos, catchy signage, creative images, infographics, landing pages, and social media content. A great graphic designer knows the latest design tools and the most updated design trends for different industries.

Graphic designers can also help you with traditional marketing. They can lend their design expertise to brochures, magazine posters, billboard posters, T-shirts and other merchandise, TV commercials, and other traditional marketing strategies.

Graphic designers can help you with the following:

  • Digital marketing campaigns such as online marketing
  • Traditional marketing campaigns on signage, television, transportation, wearable merchandise, etc.
  • Create company logos and signs that make an impact on your customers.
  • Add style and art to your marketing campaigns to make them more eye-catching.

Final Words

These four tasks are just a few that you can outsource to a freelancer. You can also outsource email management to ensure all emails are answered appropriately in a timely manner. You can also outsource time-consuming data entry and project management tasks.

With these tasks outsourced, you’ll have more time available to focus on more important stuff like growing your business or developing your products. Outsourcing is practical, saves you money and time, and allows you to hire expert help. You’ll also have more time for yourself, more time to clear your head and enjoy the fruits of your more focused labor.