4 Reasons Why Electric Scooters are so Popular These Days

Recently, the Electric Scooters popped up in decent numbers on the streets. Unlike traditional bikes and scooters, the E-scooter is for everyone. From kids to adults everyone is using the E-scooters. For different age groups, E-scooters come with different specifications and features. The E-scooter for adults has a powerful battery with a larger deck space allowing more space for legs. The speed of E-scooters varies from 8 mph to 60 mph. Some E-Scooter has a range of 80+ miles. Few kids prefer the three-wheeled Electric Scooter for more stability. Dualtron, Ninebot and Blade are some popular E-scooter brands.

The Electric scooter is easy to carry as it is lightweight, compact as can be folded and can be fitted in small gaps under beds, inside suitcases, under-car seats etc. Even a small kid can tow the Electric scooter because of the wheels beneath it.

Although the folding system may vary from brand to brand, generally they are designed in such a way that anyone can easily fold them in a few seconds. For situations like travelling by train, metros and buses, the E-scooter are best. Many commuters use them to reach stations and bus stops to save the parking fees and time. Even if you have a plan to enjoy drinks with friends and unlike car or bikes you can take the E-scooters in public transport and cabs. 

Pocket Friendly

Electric scooters are the best deal for those who can’t afford motorcycles or traditional scooters. The low cost of the E-Scooter made it the best gift for friends.

With further developments in technology, its prices are declining day by day, and its endurance and battery life have also increased. Now, E-Scooters are not just popular among the kids but it is preferred by the working adults also. In-car and bikes the maintenance costs are quite high. The maintenance cost of the E-scooter is almost zero. Apart from that Gasoline prices are increasing day by day which makes travelling by car and motorbikes more expensive. 


In the past decade scientist identified climate change as a major problem for the world. Climate Change is resulting in floods, droughts, cyclones, and extreme weather conditions, says Nasa.gov. These conditions are alarming. The Carbon dioxide released by vehicles is one of the main sources of Greenhouse gases, according to Which. Government, startups and Multinational companies are making efforts to cut down the emissions. Electric scooters came out as the best alternative to polluting vehicles, especially for short distances. 

Cool Look

Watching someone crossing the street on E-scooter with ease and comfort creates an urge to get a one for self. Kids also see E-scooter as a symbol of status and coolness. E-scooters comes in different colours, size and features. Everyone can learn to ride them very easily. Off-road E-scooters are great choices for those who want to enjoy riding in forests, rough surfaces and extreme trails. Helmets are mandatory in a few countries. Many people buy stylish and matching gloves and helmets with the E-scooters which make their loof extra cool.