4 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries must never be neglected! If you do not understand the laws and procedures or if you do not have the strength to represent your case, you must hire an injury attorney for legal proceedings. Your injury lawyer will help you win the claim while you are still recovering from the injury. We have a list of questions that you may ask your attorney before hiring him/her. 

Several reasons explain and justify the importance of an injury attorney. Professionals from High Stakes Injury Law firm or similar do not let you worry or stress about the claim. Their experience and qualification speaks about their background. However, you may still ask some common questions that most clients ask their lawyers… 

4 Questions to ask your injury attorney:

  1. Are you available to take up my case?
  • It is essential to ask if the lawyer is available to take up your case. A yes from their end means they will not ditch you or remain absent on the dates expected to be present for the hearing. Certain injuries may not make it possible for you to move around much and it is one of these reasons you expect the attorney to represent you on your behalf.
  1. How much do you charge?
  • Most attorneys would charge as per the claim fee won. It is because they find themselves equal contributor due to the hassle and work performed by them on your behalf. Some don’t even wish to stress you to pay advance so they work on contingency basis. If the client fails to retrieve the compensation amount or utters losses, they don’t have to pay anything to the lawyer.
  1. For how long have you been in this industry?
  • It is essential to check the experience of the injury lawyer to understand how much they know about the law and its process. Someone that has handled similar cases would be best to hire. An experienced professional reduces the risks of losing the claim.
  1. Is there any scope to win the claim?
  • Avoid going with the one that gives you overpromising results and guarantee on the work. It can be a red flag as a good lawyer doesn’t promise but, work towards the best results by collecting all the documents, evidences, and proofs.

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